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New Comedy Special from Louis CK - Dec 18, 2021

Posted on December 18 2021

Dear appreciator of stand-up comedy,

The simple facts of this email are the following: my name is Louis C.K.. I am a professional standup comedian with 37 years of experience. And today I am releasing a new hour-long stand-up comedy special. It’s called “SORRY”
It was recorded at Madison Square Garden's Hulu theater on August 14, 2021. It is available now, exclusively on my website, You are hereby invited to purchase it and watch it.

I am very proud of this show and I feel confident that you will laugh fourteen or more times during it. It is, so far, my favorite show that I have personally generated.

The show costs $10, which entitles you to stream it whenever you want for a year or download it up to three times and keep the downloaded files for as long as you are alive. You can even bequeath them to your loved ones when you die, or before.
In addition, you can buy the new special along with the special I released last year, (Sincerely) if you haven’t yet, for $15. For that you get both Sorry and Sincerely.

Even more additionally, you can pay $25 and for that you get all of the specialsthat are available on my website, which total seven.  Those being: SORRY, Sincerely, Live at the Comedy Store, Oh My God, Live at the Beacon Theater, Hilarious, and Chewed Up.  You get all that good shit for 25 dollars.  

If you want a sample of the new special, there is a trailer and a long excerpt from the show on YouTube, here.

I have now finished imparting the vital data in this email. I would like to stay and chat with you longer, but I have to send this email to my webmaster, put my phone in my pocket, and continue walking down the street, looking down at my feet, to be careful not to step in any dog shit or human diarrhea.

In closing, I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Good Blampy Johnson Day, and a happy and safe New Year.  

Go to to buy the things. Or click on the button below. It’ll take you right to the new special.  


Louis CK