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New Movie from Louis CK

Posted on June 03 2022

Hello my friends.

It makes me very happy today to announce to you that I have made a new movie, feature film, motion picture called Fourth of July which is opening in theaters around the country and world on July 1st. 

Tickets are available now for the premiere of the movie which will be at the Beacon Theater on June 30th where the cast and I will be present to introduce the film and have a live discussion afterwards on stage. We are also holding identical screenings with me and the cast in Boston on July 1st at The Shubert and at The Vic in Chicago on the 2nd

I independently produced (and financed) Fourth of July and I also directed it and edited it and cowrote it with Joe List, who stars in the movie as Jeff, a sober, anxious young jazz musician living in Queens, New York, who goes to Maine for Fourth of July weekend, with the intention of confronting his hard drinking, Boston-bred family, so that he can grow past his inhibiting anxiety and start a family of his own with his wife, Beth, who wants to have a baby. Beth is played by Joe's real wife, the very funny comedian Sarah Tollemache.  

I also act in the movie playing Jeff’s therapist. 

Fourth of July will be in select theaters starting July 1st. We are still compiling and constantly adding to the list of theaters which I will post on the web page for the movie which is on my website here.

Also if you would like Fourth of July to play at a theater near you, please contact the theater directly and ask for it. But you can get tickets today here for the premiere events where Joe the cast and I will be on stage to discuss the movie. 

Click here to see the trailer and the movie poster and other information about the film

My partner in this movie, Joe List, is a very funny comedian. He has two specials on YouTube that you can watch here and here. We wrote this movie together early last year and shot it at the end of the summer of 2021 in New York City and in Lake George, New York where I also discovered that Joe is an excellent, funny and vulnerable actor.  

For me, it was fun as all fuck to direct and make a film again, and to work with Joe, the excellent crew and the amazing cast: Paula Plum, Robert Walsh, Robert Kelly, Tara Pacheco, Nick Di Paolo, Chris Walsh, Richard O’Rourke, Dorothy Dwyer, Lynne Koplitz, Tony Viveiros, Courtland Jones, Bill Scheft, and Allan Havey.

Fourth of July was executive produced by Lea Cohen and Brady Nasfell, along with Joe and I. The director of photography is Christopher Raymond. The original score was created by Matt Kilmer and Sweetpro.  The same guys who made the music for my TV series “Louie."

I am very proud of the this movie and I hope you are all able to see it this summer. And I hope to see some of you at the Beacon or in Boston or Chicago (tickets here).  

Thank you for reading.

Louis CK

PS - If you are interested in more information about the movie, click here to see my Director's Statement.