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Posted on February 27 2023

Hello. The viewing period for this livestream “Louis C.K.: Back to The Garden“ is officially over. It’s also actually over, not just officially. Anyway you can’t view it anymore.

BUT… coming in early April is “Louis C.K. Live at The Dolby“ my new standup special which i shot and performed at the Dolby theater in Hollywood, CA in early January 2023. “Live at the Dolby” will be $10 and you’ll be allowed to stream it for 5 years. And you can download it three times and keep the download for as long as you want. Including forever, if you live that long.

“Louis CK: Live at The Dolby“ includes a lot of the same material that was in “Back to The Garden“ but it also has a bunch of stuff that wasn’t in that show, including a totally different closing chunk of jokes (as of the latest edit). And it is shot more carefully with more and better cameras and edited tightly.

I like to think of it this way: “Back to the Garden” was the live concert and “Live at The Dolby” is the album.

Anyway thank you to those who joined us for the MSG show. It was a once in a lifetime experience for me and I was happy I got to share it with so many people all over the planet. I know you will like the new special too. But anyway thanks all around. I’m very grateful for your interest and support for my foolishness.

Your comedian,
Louis CK