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LIVESTREAM from Madison Square Garden on 1/28/23

Posted on January 14 2023


Well this is an exciting thing I’m here to tell you.  

On Saturday, January 28 I am doing a show at Madison Square Garden. And I’m going to live stream that show on my website. You can buy a ticket to watch this show from your home or public toilet for $25.  For that amount of dollars you can watch the event live or watch it any time you want as often as you want after the show until it comes down from the site on February 17.

Anyway if you go here you can buy tickets to this livestream event now.  

Also, just so you know, I will be releasing a special of the same material, what I’ve been touring with this year, sometime in April. I already shot that special at the Dolby Theater in LA and it is very good. That will be available for download and streaming for 10 dollars like all my other specials on the site.

The show on the 28th is a live event and only available to watch on that night or until February 17. And then it will be gone.

The name of the show by the way is "Back to The Garden" because I used to play Madison Square Garden a lot and I have not been there in years and this is my return to that particular place known as "The Garden."

I’m playing the show "in the round" which means I’m standing in the center with the audience all around me. It’s going to be about 18,000 people. 

By the way, the show is close to sold out but you can get tickets to see it in person here. It should be a completely bananas show and I’m very very excited about it and I really want to share it with as many people as possible so that they will give me money and enjoy themselves. Also this will be my last live appearance for at least a year. 

I hope you decide to join me for the livestream at MSG on January 28. And I hope that you buy the special when it comes out April whatever. And then I hope that the weather is really really nice next time or you throw a party outdoors.

Thank you my dears.  

I just ate way too much chocolate.  

Louis CK