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Posted on October 08 2022

Hello my dear nose-havers. 

First Of all I want to say that I’m very grateful to have you all on my Email list. I hope you continue to subscribe and that you value it as a positive part of your lives. And welcome to the folks who have signed up most recently, many of you in the last few months.

Today I am dictating an email into my phone as I cross the Irish Sea to Belfast, to let you know that comedian Robert Kelly's new standup special Kill Box which I directed and produced and he performed beautifully and hilariously, is now available on my website here for $10. You can download it or stream it or both.

Robert is a killer Comic.  The kind of comedian one might describe as “funny as fuck." In this special, which we shot in Tampa in June, he talks about being a father, being a husband, being a man, being alive. He is quick, relatable, and powerful. And the audience was screaming. He is, these days, a rare comedian, one who kills consistently and gorgeously. You might recognize Robert as one of the stars of Fourth of July and from when he played my brother on Louie. He is an excellent actor. But first he is a comedian from the great Boston tradition of miserable and difficult life turned hilarious.  

I was very happy and proud to put this special together for him and I’m very excited to bring it to you exclusively here on my website.  Please buy it. Watch it.  And enjoy. I’m almost in Ireland now. For my sins. 

Robert Kelly: Kill Box 

Thanks man. 

Louis CK