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Tour update, Robert Kelly special

Posted on September 28 2022

Hello everyone. This is your sometimes pretty fat comedian friend Louis CK with an update about my live standup comedy tour and new news about Robert Kelly’s new special which is coming to my website next week. 

The first piece of news to tell you is that I added some shows in new cities. The cities aren’t actually new. They’ve been around since the 1800s. But they are new to the tour list.  

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ - Oct. 15 at the Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall Theater
HONOLULU, HI - Nov. 23 at the Hawaii Theatre
MILWAUKEE, WI - Dec. 8 at the Highlife Theatre
DETROIT, MI - Dec. 9 at the Fox Theatre
ATLANTA, GA - Dec. 16 at the Fox Theatre 

Tickets for Atlantic City, Honolulu, Detroit and Atlanta are on pre-sale NOW using the code LCKIZBACK. 

Milwaukee’s pre-sale will start next Wednesday, Oct 5 with the same code. Nashville and Pittsburgh ticketing info will be announced soon, so check back here for those shows. 

We are also working on something for Singapore for November 7, but I don’t know if it has been worked out yet. I’ll let you know. 

This tour will end on January 28 at Madison Square Garden. We put tickets on sale and sold 10,000 on the first day. And it will definitely be sold out. But you can still get tickets to the show. The remaining seats are kind of up there in the upper tiers but I’m playing the show in the round, with the stage in the center, so every seat is closer to the stage than when I played it on the end. This show will be my last show for a while. I don’t know how long. But I will likely take a break after this. I am saying this so that more people will buy tickets, and I am likely to change my mind. So if I were you I just wouldn’t pay attention to this part of the email. It’s just bullshit. It’s me trying to entice you to buy the remaining nosebleed MSG tickets with the idea that you might be at my last show if you come. But honestly, considering that I am 55 and overweight, every show has the potential to be my last. And I really love stand-up comedy and I’ll probably never quit or even take a significant break. But please come to the show at MSG. It’s going to be great. And it’s going to be MY LAST SHOW!!!$!$! 

Tour is starting next week, October 3 in the UK.

Oct 3 Hammersmith Apollo
This is one of my favorite venues in the world. The show has been sold out for quite a while. It’s going to be really fun. Sorry. You can’t come if you don’t have tickets already.  

Oct 4 OVO Wembley Arena 
I had a great time in Wembley Arena some years ago. It’s surprisingly intimate for an arena. There are many tickets available to this show. Because I’m not as famous as I once was in England. Only famous enough to sell out Hammerssmith and half Wembley. Which honestly is really famous enough. I mean come on.

Oct 6 SEC Armadillo Glasgow 
I’ve never played in Glasgow or even been there. We moved the show to the SEC Armadillo. If you bought tickets to the previous venue they are transferred to this one. There are still tickets available.

Oct. 8,9 Limelight in Belfast, Ireland 
These shows are sold out. I’m very excited to go to Belfast.

Most of the shows that we put on sale for January sold out quickly. There are only tickets to New Orleans, Mobile, and Louisville.

Here are the dates and venues for the November tour in Australia and New Zealand. A lot of these tickets are gone but there are a few still left for the new show in Perth and in Brisbane. I am very excited to be doing so many shows in that part of the world. I loved Australia on my last time there. I’ve never been to New Zealand. I really loved that guy Chris Lilley and his show “Summer Heights High.” 

Well that’s all the news about the tour.

Here’s Another piece of exciting news! 


I produced and directed a really fucking great stand-up comedy special by comedian Robert Kelly, whom you might recognize as one of the stars of FOURTH OF JULY and he played my brother on LOUIE.

Bobby is a great comedian. One of the best I’ve ever known.  He absolutely murders in the show.

His new special Robert Kelly: Kill Box will be available exclusively on my website on Saturday, October 8 for 10 bucks.  

OK. That is all of the news for now. I think there’s also some stuff going on in Washington and in Europe and I assume that something is happening in Africa and things are pretty busy in Brazil. I don’t know if there is anywhere that people are just relaxing. Maybe Costa Rica.

See you all soon.  

I like the fall. Because the sun comes at you from sort of a slant all day long. 

Louis CK