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Posted on September 14 2022

Hello my darlingest member of the email list that you are upon.

This email is filled with a lot of news.  Some of it new, some of old.  But I must begin by telling you that I am touring all over the United States of America in January.  

Today is the presale day and you can buy tickets to shows in your area at 10 AM local time HERE with the following presale code: LCKIZBACK

I'm coming in January to San Fransisco, Oakland, the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, St. Louis, the Chicago Theater (in Chicago), Louisville, Mobile, New Orleans, Austin and San Antonio TX, Baltimore, Washington DC, and then the tour ends on JANUARY 28th in the big room, MADISON SQUARE GARDEN. That one goes on presale TOMORROW, Thursday, at 10am ET with the same code as above.

I am playing the Garden "in the round" so I'll be in the center of the arena like a boxing match. It means that every seat in the house is better and closer to the stage. I am very excited about that show.  It will be my last show of the tour.  

I've been performing this current hour plus of ridiculous and upsetting jokes since January and it's really fun and strong.  People have been laughing very fucking hard.  I think it is my best show of the last several years.  I don't know which yet, but one of these shows will be filmed and become my next special. It will be my tenth hour standup special. So boy is that something.


I'm on my way to the UK in October. I'm doing a show at the Hammersmith appollo (which is sold out) and one at Wembley Arena the next night (tickets available) then it's on to Glasgow and then two nights in Belfast(first show is sold out). 


In November I'm going to Australia and New Zealand. Due to popular demand I added a show in Perth and a third show in Sydney and a second show in Melbourne.  Also the Brisbane tickets sold quickly so we are expanding that room to acccomodate more people. 


Also I am on Instagram.  I mean someone is running the account but it is mine. My Instagram name is Louisckx. We are using it to post clips and to advertise shows and other updates so if you follow me on instagram you might get some news that you... will also get here. I mean. I don't know.  Anyway the account is not verified so I thought I'd let you know that it is actually me.  


My new movie, FOURTH OF JULY is available on my website now. It's doing very well and I'm very grateful to everyone who is watching it. If you haven't seen it, or heard about it, go here for more info and to buy the movie that the Wall Street Journal says is, "one of the best movies of the year" and has a 91 percent audience rating on the tomato thingy. 


Some people ask me "Where can I watch Louie anymore??" and I tell them that my FX series, which won several Emmys (well 2) and other many awards (like 3 others) is streaming exclusively on  You can stream the entire five seasons of LOUIE for 30 dollars. 


With the addition of my latest special, SORRY and the one previous SINCERELY (which won a Grammy award) I have a total of 7 standup specials on my website which you can buy (stream and download) all of for 25 dollars.  If you want to learn more about this great offer please WATCH THIS INFOMERCIAL.


There's nothing more to say to you. There really isn't. I hope you come to my shows. If I'm not coming to your town, then get your ass on a plane and come to MSG on January 28th.  

Otherwise, I turned 55 yesterday. I had a great summer. But I'm glad fall is here and I'm happy to be working.  

Henry Winkler once said to me, "look them in the eye, and speak from your heart." 

Louis CK