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Fourth of July

Posted on August 13 2022

Hello folks.

I’m writing to thank all of you who have bought and watched my new movie FOURTH OF JULY. The movie is doing very well after a week on my website and the positive and emotional response Joe and I have been getting has been wicked gratifying. 

Here is the link to the movie which you can stream and/or download for 15 dollars, including extra features (deleted scenes, director/writer commentary, subtitles, farts): FOURTH OF JULY

Or you can go to:

which goes to the same place. 

I suggest you enjoy this summer comedy about a fucked up family while it’s still summer and while your family remains fucked up (which will be forever).

Thank you. 

Louis CK 

PS. My socks are always too stiff after washing them only a few times. But I feel bad about throwing away socks all the time.