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Posted on August 06 2022

Hello my dear email list inhabitants. 

I am writing to let you know that my new movie, FOURTH OF JULY, is now available on my website

You can stream and download it at now for $15

Also there are EXTRA FEATURES including commentary by me and Joe List (co-writer and star), a video of us introducing several deleted scenes, and some other crap. All of it is exclusive to those who purchased film on the website.

FOURTH OF JULY is available with subtitles in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese. 

People really connected with this movie. The cast is incredible and the story of family and personal fuck ups seems to resonate with everyone who watches it.

The movie had great success in theaters around the country with many shows selling out and many shows added. Audiences everywhere laughed together and had a great time and that was really fucking satisfying for Joe and I. 

And I’m very happy to bring it to you on the website now, exclusive and worldwide. 

Also FOURTH OF JULY is still showing in one theater in Montreal. Go here for tickets. 

Lastly, I am doing live standup shows over the next couple of weeks in: 
Lowell, Mass 
Portland, Maine 

Go here for tickets to those shows. I will be making an announcement here soon about all my tour dates coming up.

Thank you very much for reading this email and for continuing to be on this list. 

Tomorrow I will buy six cows and set them free. 

Louis CK