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New shows added to Louis CK tour

Posted on February 19 2020

Hello and a pleasant Wednesday to you. I am writing to tell you with my words that I have added some shows to my stand-up comedy "some of the world tour." Click on a linked city name to buy tickets to that show now.  

For instance, I added a late show in Philadelphia, a second show in Kiev, another in Bucharest, and I am coming to Binghamton and Syracuse New Yorkand Berlin, which is in Germany.  

As for the rest of the tour, A bunch of the shows have sold out but there are still tickets to the shows in TucsonKnoxville, and Copenhagen (three places that are wildly different from one another). 

I hope you can make it to a show.  Because I am in love with you.  

Oh fuck I almost forgot.  I’m also coming to Boston (which is in Massachusetts) Where I will be at the Orpheum theater on April 3 and 4, Fridayand Saturday, one show per night. Both shows are at 9 PM.

Also always go to my website for updates on your information. Because I don’t want to bug you by email more than I have to. So sometimes there’s stuff there it doesn’t show up here.

Ok.  That’s it.  I’m done.  With this email.  I still have other stuff to do.  For instance I am marinating some meat because tonight is taco night.  And I have to walk the dog.  And I’m reading a book in Spanish right now about a dead baby.  And I have a piano lesson today.  And at some point I’ll need to get some sleep.  Tomorrow I’m going to Denver.  And then Phoenix.  Oh also I think there are still tickets to the Sunday show in Phoenix. (Friday and Saturday are sold out).  I’m excited to get back on the road.  I really enjoy performing standup comedy very much. 

Ok bye. See you. 

Louis CK 

PS I might be coming to South America to do shows in July.  Nothing certain yet.  Write to me here if you live there and want to come to a show and I’ll let you know if it happens.