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  • Fourth of July

    Aug 13 2022

    Hello folks. I’m writing to thank all of you who have bought and watched my new movie FOURTH OF JULY. The movie is doing very well after...

  • My movie is up on

    Aug 06 2022

    Hello my dear email list inhabitants. I am writing to let you know that my new movie, FOURTH OF JULY, is now available on my website. Yo...

  • My new movie all over USA TOMORROW

    Jul 05 2022

    Hello brain inside someone’s face. Please read this email with your eyes. Not with your nipples.  My new movie, FOURTH OF JULY is p...

  • My movie is in theaters NOW

    Jul 01 2022

    Good Friday to you all. My new movie FOURTH OF JULY is playing in theaters NOW in New York City (Village East) and Los Angeles (Laemmle)...

  • LOUIE is now at

    Jun 18 2022

    Hello folks, I am writing to announce something that I think is very exciting.  My FX series LOUIE is now available to stream on my webs...